perjantai 7. toukokuuta 2010


On Monday was our final critique, last step in the project : presenting our final product to the audience. We were a bit stressed and didn't really know what would be the critiques.We were surprised to see that teachers, students and professionnals seem to be very positive and pleased about our performance.
This project has been very interesting in a way it was real which made it even more exciting. The first weeks were quite hesitant because we didn't know how to proceed and how to gather information. But step by step, we have managed to give a result, I think, clear and concrete and show that our group is united and works very well together.
So I want to thank my dear group, it was really nice to work with you guys, you have been wonderful. Thank you too to our mentor Marco, for your advices, ideas and attention.

To be continued ...


perjantai 30. huhtikuuta 2010


Yesterday we had interesting meetings with stakeholders. We met two associations (Probillnäs and the fishing society of Åminnefors). It was very nice to notice that they really seemed to appreciate and like our plan. It was good to get feedback from them. We also met some local people from Billnäs (for example a diplomat and firefighters).

I was suprised because a reporter from Länsi-Uusimaa newspaper called me yesterday. She had called the University to get my phone number and she wanted to interview me on the phone. I sent her the the pictures of our plan and she told me that today there will be an article about the project in the newspaper. That's cool. :) I havn't gotten the article yet, but I think that we will upload it here when we get that.

- Mika

keskiviikko 28. huhtikuuta 2010

plan & section

Here are the plan and sections for two sites.

plan for Billnäs

- and sections.

Plan for Åminnefors
- and section.


Technical details

During the last few days, I was working on the technical details of the rock ramp fishway to show how it works basically. I've just finished the 3 details, they are as follows :

- Caroline
Here are the final pictures...


Mika already finished all the written part of the final report. Meiko is finishing all the sections and plans, Carolinedraw the technical detaisl of the fishways...and I am doing the 3D and photo montage pictures of our project!! today we finished also the working model of the Billnä area...i am proud of our group!!

I made these pictures : a total of six.

- 2 panoramic views of Billnäs and Aminneförs dams (with the addition of our project on it) from the pictures meiko Caroline and me took

- views of the walkay along the river, in spring and automn times

- 2 other specifique views of the fishway in Billnäs

Here you can see the process of the construction of these pictures : to mixe few photographs of the site, manage them as a true picture on photoshop, and add our project on it, by photo-montage, photoshop rendering, work on the light, the colors, the graphism...

Now we are doing the final presentation...
Tomorrow we meet with marco the Pro-Billnäs association...we should bring th model and make a short pdf presentation...we hoped that we could meet also the same day the owner of Billnäs area and some owner who has a house in Aminneförs and who invited us to have a coffe at his home. Let's see next week maybe..AnyWay we really should meet them!

3D model completed!

Today we continued to make our model for Billnäs, and it was completed finally.

this white line is our designed fishway streaming between the old buildings and providing water front public space.
This site has dam whose height is about 7m, and then our fishway running between this height with slope, so this model is nice to show how it's running through this topography.
We hope it helps our presentation :)